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Neon Indian: The Culture Creature Interview

Hear a conversation with the multitalented musician and filmmaker Alan Palomo on the Culture Creature podcast

Neon Indian interview

Photo by Rozette Rago

Hear a Neon Indian interview on today’s episode of Culture Creature. Listen in your podcast provider of choice or via the audio player above. 

Neon Indian mastermind Alan Palomo and Culture Creature host Dan Redding begin by discussing Palomo’s new short film, 86’d (watch the film here). Alan also reveals that he is working on a new Neon Indian album.

“I’m currently working on a record,” Palomo says. “I haven’t talked about it much yet, so I guess you’ve got the scoop! It’s kind of shaping up to be a bit of a cumbia record. Cumbia and chicha, which is the Peruvian cumbia-ish [style], but a Peruvian psychedelic seventies version of it. I’m still in the woods, I’m not out yet. I don’t have too much to elaborate on that, but like every record, it’s been a journey.”

Alan explained: “I always kind of take a left turn with every record. It’s probably why they take so long to make. There’s some technical thing and some aesthetic thing that I wanna figure out how to execute. There’s kind of a long research process of it. For this [forthcoming] record… We got to tour South America last year and actually got to go to Peru and listen to a lot of weird, wild records from the sixties and seventies. That slowly kind of put the bug in my ear of, ‘alright, let’s see where that can go.’ Obviously, through your filter of how you make music and the textures that you gravitate towards. The lyrical world as well. Writing in Spanish is a whole new world for me.”

Neon Indian interview

Photo by Luke Lauter

Alan Palomo and Dan Redding also discuss Neon Indian’s 2015 release Vega Intl. Night School, New York City cinema, Michael Jackson, Snatch, and much more.

Listen to the complete Neon Indian interview now on the Culture Creature podcast. You can also view all podcast episodes, or check out our interviews with members of Tame Impala and Men I Trust.

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