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New Discoveries: Listen to Songs by JANK, Big Bite

Listen to new songs by weed-fueled Philly rock band Jank and Washington grunge outfit Big Bite

big bite jank

Album artwork from Big Bite (left) and Jank

Here are two of my favorite songs from my recent time spent scouring the internerd for new music. If you are into nineties grunge/emo, both of these bands oughta scratch the itch (you are probably pretty itchy in that decrepit flannel). Seriously both of these bands rule.

JANK, ‘Alligator’

JANK are a Philadelphia band who have a good sense of humor and a love of cannibis (their domain is They write catchy, jangly pop songs that recall the homespun emo of The Promise Ring and the driving, scrappy anthems of underrated 00’s Victory Records signees Moros Eros. JANK are not afraid to poke fun at their genre; their 2016 LP Awkward Pop Songs includes a parody of Title Fight‘s ‘Head In The Ceiling Fan’ which boasts the chant, “This is a ripoff of a Title Fight song.”

Read the Culture Creature interview with JANK frontman Matt Diamond.

Big Bite, ‘I Don’t Think So’

Big Bite are a Washington band featuring Matt Berry of Happy Diving (who recently announced their new LP, Electric Soul Unity). Much like Happy Diving, Big Bite’s sound is hefty and fuzzy. Listen to ‘I Don’t Think So’ below. I discovered Big Bite via Angel Du$t, who put out one of the year’s best punk albums, Rock the Fuck on Forever, in May.

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