Watch Previously Unseen Footage of Nirvana’s 1988 RadioShack Video Shoot

nirvana live 1988

On January 24th, 1988, Nirvana filmed a video shoot in a RadioShack in Kurt Cobain’s hometown of Aberdeen, Washington. The video shoot included a partial live performance as well as footage of the band playing with plasma globes. The full footage of the band’s performance is available now for the first time (watch below). According to archivist Mike Ziegler, the footage features Kurt Cobain, Dale Crover, and Krist Novoselic pantomiming along to Nirvana’s first demo – which the band had recorded the day before. Nirvana were going by the name Ted Ed Fred at the time. On January 23rd, they recorded their first proper studio demo with Jack Endino at Reciprocal Recording Studios in Seattle.

During the band’s RadioShack shoot, only Dale Crover’s drums are live; the guitars are unplugged and Cobain lip syncs on the mic. Look closely and you’ll see Nirvana live footage on the TV screens behind the band. Watch the video here and listen to our interview with Dale Crover:

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