Noel Gallagher’s Five Rules to Live By

Number 4: Always remind your children that they'll never be as cool as you.

Noel Gallagher Quotes

Photo by Rosario López

Noel Gallagher will go down in history as one of rock’s most amusing interview subjects. He’s a veritable fountain of pullquotes, whether he’s slaggin’ off his brother Liam, waxing nostalgic about his career with Oasis, or merely recounting a trip to the grocery store. In a recent Rolling Stone podcast interview (which you can stream below), Gallagher was asked for his “most important rules to live by.” The songwriter’s responses are mostly serious, with a characteristic dash of self-aggrandizing cheekiness:

  1. “Know who you are.”
  2. “Be proud of who you are.”
  3. “A happy wife is a happy house. A happy house equals a happy life.”
  4. Always remind your children that they’ll never be as cool as you. Gallagher says: “I sit my kids down, and I say, ‘You’re a young guy, you’re great and young and handsome – but I want you to know that you’ll never, ever be as cool as me. Ever. Okay? So take your fuckin’ skateboard, and get out into the garden with your brother and play fuckin’ football. Because you’ll never be as cool as me.'”
  5. “Never take any of the good sides about anything you do for granted. And stay focused on your work. If your work is great and interesting, and if your work is important, then you don’t have to be. I don’t have to be good or nice to people because people dig my music and that’s where the relationship ends.”

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