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Three new music discoveries for your listening pleasure

your friend stormzy terrace martin

L to R: Your Friend, Stormzy, Terrace Martin

Here are three artists I’ve been enjoying and researching this week:


Stormzy is an English rapper and force of nature. On his new track, ‘Scary,’ he bellows with the decimating might of a hurricane. The potent reaction to this song (the heads over at Reddit’s Hip Hop Heads forum shat themselves over it) suggests that Stormzy is a major M.C. to watch. He’s a compelling figure for sure, but I don’t think he needs to try so hard to be scary: you win dude, I don’t wanna mess with you. I hope his forthcoming album takes the listener into the eye of the hurricane; I want to see the pathos beneath the bluster. Bonus fun British slang: ‘peng tings’ = fit birds = babes.

Your Friend

Taryn Blake Miller is a Kansas-based indie/folk artist who performs under the moniker Your Friend. Her new LP Gumption (released in January) is dense with ethereal folk. Honestly, Your Friend fills the void that was left by Beach House after the latter released two lackluster LPs (Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars). Trance-inducing.

Terrace Martin

Terrace Martin is a musician and producer best known for his boundary-pushing work with Kendrick Lamar. Martin’s April release Velvet Portraits is a jazz/R&B/funk concoction that proves to be an expansive canvas for the L.A. Renaissance man.

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