Tim Heidecker’s Downward Spiral Has Elevated ‘On Cinema’ to New Heights

The eighth season of the Adult Swim satire is some of 2016's funniest television

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‘On Cinema at the Cinema,’ the Adult Swim program hosted by film experts Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkingon, has always operated as a satire of Siskel & Ebert’s classic program ‘At the Movies’ and of film criticism itself (Heidecker and Turkington often award their highest rating – five bags of popcorn – to mediocre drek like 2016’s Ben Hur). The show’s satirical elements are of equal importance to the rivalry between its hosts: like Siskel and Ebert themselves, Heidecker and Turkington don’t always get along. But in the show’s eighth season, the show has heightened the stakes of the hosts’ interpersonal drama, elevating it to a tragicomedy of epic proportions.

Heidecker and Turkington play fictionalized versions of themselves on ‘On Cinema.’ They bicker, roll their eyes, and engage in power struggles for host and ‘guest host’ positions. In Season 8, Tim plunges headlong into a downward spiral after a quack new-age doctor prescribes him debilitating vape products. In episode 7, a morose Turkington announced the news that Heidecker had caused a devastating fire at the film storage unit where the hosts sometimes sleep – and that Heidecker had been severely burned in the process. By the following episode, a burnt-to-a-crisp Heidecker was back on the air, and his makeup and performance makes for some of the funniest television of 2016.

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