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Hear Two New Songs From Punk Firebrands Open City

Open City calls their new single a "fitting soundtrack to the oncoming apocalypse"

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Open City (L to R: Andy Nelson, Rachel Rubino, Chris Wilson, Dan Yemin). Photo by Scott Troyan

Punk supergroup Open City have released a 7″ single featuring two new songs: ‘City of Ash’ and ‘A Condition Worth A Mention’ (listen below). The release follows the band’s self-titled debut, which dropped earlier this year. Both releases were recorded by Will Yip at Studio 4. The ‘City of Ash’ single is available on vinyl and digitally via Bandcamp.

On Facebook, the band wrote, “This single has been in the works for a long time, but as it would turn out, in the meantime the world has done us the courtesy of entirely falling apart around us so that these tunes would function as an even more fitting soundtrack to the oncoming apocalypse. So thanks for that. We do hope you enjoy it.”

Listen to our podcast interview with Open City’s Dan Yemin, who told us, “I don’t really want to do any music that isn’t framed as protest music.”

Hear the ‘City of Ash’ single here:

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