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Outkast and A Tribe Called Quest Discussed Making an Album Together

As we await a new Tribe album, here's a look at the hip hop collaboration that almost was

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It was recently revealed that A Tribe Called Quest has a new album on the way, which was recorded before the tragic loss of Phife Dawg earlier this year. While we wait for that album, here’s a look at a Tribe album that almost happened: Outkast and A Tribe Called Quest discussed making an album together.

The revelation comes from André 3000’s speech at the Apollo Theater’s Celebration of Phife Dawg, which occurred in April. André addressed Q-Tip in the audience before unveiling the news:

I’m gonna say some interesting news and some disappointing news at the same time. About a year or two ago, maybe, we were talking about doing A Tribe Called Quest and Outkast album…. For whatever reason, we didn’t do it, it was on our plate and we just let it go. For our own personal reasons, whatever.

André expressed his regret at not seizing the opportunity. Had the album actually happened, we would’ve witnessed the union of two of the greatest hip hop groups of all time.

The Outkast M.C. continued to discuss Tribe’s influence on him. He said that he wrote his first rhyme because of Q-Tip. He cited Tribe’s jazz influence, saying, “in high school my name was Jahz cuz of these niggas.” Andre also remarked that Outkast wanted to be a ‘street’ version of A Tribe Called Quest, “like a hood Tribe.”

Here’s his full speech:

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