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Personal Space Find Euphoria in Everyday Life on ‘Ecstatic Burbs’

The Brooklyn quartet's debut full-length is out now via Tiny Engines

personal space ecstatic burbs review

Photo by Sasha Turrentine

Personal Space are a Brooklyn band that walks the fine line between melancholy and tension. Its songs are the vibrant daydreams of a colorless suburban world. The eight tracks on the band’s debut LP, Ecstatic Burbs, are the adventurous sparks of life that sometimes seep their way into the dull drudging of the mundane.

The album art’s vibrant, rainbow color palette conveys the band’s euphoric energy. The cover portrays a psychedelic suburban landscape teeming with both the mundane (lawnmowers and ice cream trucks) and the hallucinatory (glowing melty neon castles). Ecstatic Burbs standout ‘Ghost World’ (listen below) is like that, too: Personal Space capture both the melancholy of everyday ennui and the euphoric universe that sometimes lurks just beneath its surface. The band contemplates its mortality on the song, singing, “Well I guess it’s gonna be a long time now / Till the ghost world reaches up and pulls us under the ground.”

The instrumentals of Ecstatic Burbs transport the listener into a hallucinatory world whose soundscapes range from a low roar (as in the culmination to ‘A Weekend With… (The Horse Head)’) to the twangy upbeat strumming in ‘Ecstatic World.’ Ecstatic Burbs is an exciting and unexpected journey through an electric forest of energy.

Repeat listens of Ecstatic Blurbs reveal new textures and surprises for the engaged listener, and the creeping curiosity of this musical collective is downright infectious, making for an aspiring release from a group with serious potential.

personal space ecstatic burbs review

Personal Space ‘Ecstatic Burbs’

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