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Planes Mistaken for Stars Frontman Discusses the Long, Strange Road to ‘Prey’

Listen to interviews with members of Planes Mistaken for Stars and Snapcase on the Culture Creature podcast

Planes Mistaken for Stars interview

Photo by Angela Owens

“What you need to do is surround yourself with love,” says Planes Mistaken for Stars frontman Gared O’Donnell in this new episode of the Culture Creature podcast. The episode also includes an interview with Jon Salemi of Snapcase. Listen above or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

O’Donnell describes the story of a long drive that he took while writing Prey. He told The A.V. Club, “I just felt like I needed to do some sort of pre-midlife crisis bullshit.” In this Planes Mistaken for Stars interview, Gared elaborates on that story, which involved a drive to Waukegan, an amusing encounter with some burly truck drivers, and more.

This episode also includes excerpts of an interview with guitarist Jon Salemi of legendary Buffalo hardcore band Snapcase. Salemi says, “Snapcase wrote songs for a reaction when we played them live. We were that band – that was what our Buffalo hardcore scene taught us to do. We wrote songs with nothing more than that in mind. ‘When is it gonna break down, and when are the kids gonna go nuts, and how much groove does this verse have? Can you dance to it in our way that we dance to things?’” This Snapcase interview previously appeared in text form here at Culture Creature.

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