Premiere: PLAX, ‘Not For You’

Hear a new song from PLAX and read an interview with bassist Michael Goodwin

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PLAX is an Austin band featuring members of Skeleton, Nosferatu, Spray Paint, Glassss and OBN IIIs. The band will release its debut LP, Clean Feeling, on Super Secret Records on August 11th. PLAX brings lo-fi grit to its Wire-influenced post-punk growl. PLAX is Victor Ziolkowski (vocals), Marley Jones (drums), Samantha Wendel (guitar), and Michael Goodwin (bass).

Today we’re premiering the Clean Feeling track ‘Not For You.’ Listen here and read an interview with Plax bassist Michael Goodwin below:

Plax Interview

Culture Creature: What can you tell me about the inspiration and/or recording process of ‘Not For You’?

Michael Goodwin: Inspiration for the instrumental idea of the song came from Marley (drums) and I listening to Bobby Soxx and Butthole Surfers at practice and wanting to write a mid-tempo song. We all are huge fans of the amazingly weird punk bands that have come from Texas and I feel like that “sound” comes out in this one. The recording was engineered by Ian Rundell and recorded live with the same set up as the other songs on the LP.

How would you describe the Austin music scene?

The music scene is a wide array of genres, which is nice because it isn’t all the same, but “scenes” do fall into a rut sometimes and bands start to sound too similar. However, I do feel fortunate to live in a city where I’ve been able to see some amazing projects and feel inspired.

What was the inspiration for the title ‘Clean Feeling’?

We released a demo and Chris (guitar) and I added a weird analog synth track we did years prior to PLAX at the end of the tape and called it ‘Clean Feeling.’ When Chris and I made that synth track years prior I was in the midst of a pretty weird time in my life and I liked the juxtaposition of a clean feeling when I was lacking clarity. Also a bit of a logophile and really like the way those 2 words look and sound together.

How is PLAX different from other bands you’ve performed in?

PLAX is more of a rhythm-based band that allows the guitar a chance to breathe and change if it chooses to do so and I like that feeling. I’ve never had a band where each performance sounds different up there to me, which makes it more exciting to play.

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