Premiere: Facial, ‘Go Away’

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Today, we’re premiering the song ‘Go Away’ by the Los Angeles trio Facial. On Facial’s new record, Facade, (due September 29 via Chain Letter Collective; preorder here), the band takes a look at their city, their country, and within themselves, to see what kind of ugly truths lie beneath the exterior. Facial believe that inside of all of us, there are things that we try very hard to conceal: animal urges, selfishness, anger, hate, envy, violence, sexuality. We push them down and paint an alternate reality on the surface: happy, caring, altruistic, confident, peaceful, benevolent. But when the discrepancy between facade and reality becomes too great, we are forced to confront the facade and to question the fabricated surface realities fed to us all.

Facial is Sam, Cam and Jay. The three members switch off between drums, bass and guitar. Listen to ‘Go Away’ here and find Facial tour dates below:

Facial Tour Dates:

  • 09/27: Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo
  • 09/28: San Francisco, CA @ The Eagle
  • 09/29: Eugene, OR @ Black Forest
  • 10/01: Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge
  • 10/02: Bellingham, WA @ The Shakedown
  • 10/03: Portland, OR @ Liquor Store
  • 10/04: Vancouver, BC @ Cobalt
  • 10/05: Bend, OR @ Spoken Moto
  • 10/18: Los Angeles, CA @ The Hi-Hat
  • 10/22: San Diego, CA @ Blonde Bar
  • 11/02: Los Angeles, CA @ Zebulon

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