Video Premiere: Prince Daddy & The Hyena, ‘I Forgot to Take My Meds Today’

Watch an exclusive new video from the Albany stoner-punks

prince daddy hyena forgot to take my meds today

Prince Daddy & The Hyena vocalist and guitarist Kory Gregory was on the way to work when he realized he’d forgotten to take his anxiety medication. Then he wrote a song about it. That song is ‘I Forgot to Take My Meds Today’ from the band’s recent I Thought You Didn’t Even Like Leaving LP (available via Broken World Media). Prince Daddy & The Hyena are premiering the new ‘I Forgot to Take My Meds Today’ video here:

“I was in the car, realizing I didn’t take my medicine that morning on the way to work,” Kory said in an interview. “It’s just kind of a scary thought, knowing you’ll go the whole day without having any help. Kinda overwhelming.”

That’s where the band’s raucous, gleeful sense of humor comes in. “I like to bring light to those kind of things,” Kory explained, “because it’s kind of hard to deal with any other way.”

Likewise, the video portrays the band goofing off and roasting a blunt in one continuous shot. “That was all the director,” Kory said of the video’s concept. “Our friend Nick Karp thought about doing that. And you know, I’m totally down to smoke some weed, you know? We’re down for that.” The ‘I Forgot to Take My Meds Today’ was directed by Nick Karp And Rob Menzer.

Kory noted that the band’s space theme has a therapeutic purpose, too (the cover of I Thought You Didn’t Even Like Leaving includes an astronaut, a flying saucer, and an alien). “The concept of space kind of suppresses my anxiety, to be honest,” he said. “Knowing how small we are is a big part of keeping myself calm in moments of panic. Knowing how little my decisions matter and how small we are is a form of therapy in itself for me. We just finished writing our second LP and it’s a concept record that takes place in space.”

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