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Puppy Find the Perfect Union of Metal Heft and Grunge-y Melody on ‘Vol II’

The London band find a sweet spot between light and dark on new 'mini album'

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On their new ‘mini album’ Vol II, alternative metal band Puppy have forged a seamless fusion of heroic guitar shredding, sugary harmonies and indie rock vocals. At their heaviest, the band conjure the dynamic fireworks of The Fucking Champs and even Pantera. Guitarist/vocalist Jock Norton sweetens the sound with his distinctive cry. It’s a unique balance of light and dark, sweet and ferocious.

The album opens with the ripper ‘Entombed’ (stream below). Norton’s nasal wail is reminiscent of Billy Corgan’s vocals on Siamese Dream; it’s a voice that makes for a dramatic pairing with Puppy’s soaring lead guitars (especially on ‘My Tree’). Norton wrote ‘Entombed’ about an experience with sleep paralysis; in an interview with Team Rock, he said, “Even though I knew [sleep paralysis] was happening it was still one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. So I decided to write a song about it.”

Vol II is available today via iTunes or Spotify.

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