Premiere: Quin Galavis, ‘No Return’

quin galavis

Austin, Texas songwriter Quin Galavis returns this month with his new album, The Battery Line. Today we’re premiering ‘No Return,’ listen below.

The Battery Line is Galavis’ follow-up to his epic 2016 double LP, My Life In Steel and Concrete. Galavis told Culture Creature that his new album was a return to basics after the double album. “My Life in Steel and Concrete was very emotionally draining,” he explained via email, “and I let it consume all aspects of my life. The Battery Line was such a departure from that. I wrote and demoed all the songs well before going to the studio, rehearsed them with a full band, and didn’t do nearly [as much] overdubbing. The feeling was light, so I ran with it.”

Galavis explained that ‘No Return’ reflects this “reprieve from the intensity” of his prior album: “I wanted to do less overwrought and more straightforward songwriting, and ‘No Return’ is probably one of the better examples of that approach.”

The Battery Line is due June 16th via Super Secret Records, and it’s available for preorder now. Listen to ‘No Return’ here:

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