Watch a Wonderfully Obsessive Analysis of Radiohead’s ‘Daydreaming’ Video

radiohead daydreaming meaning

Radiohead fans are notoriously obsessive. On the Radiohead subreddit, some fans love to pore over every clue about the band – and especially the great mystery of Thom York’s artistic intentions. Now, there is a video analysis that seems to encapsulate that spirit of inquiry that can be both loving and absurdly obsessive. That fan-made video analysis of Radiohead’s ‘Daydreaming’ video is called ‘Radiohead: The Secrets Of Daydreaming’ (watch below).

The ‘Daydreaming’ video, directed by There Will Be Blood auteur Paul Thomas Anderson, appears somewhat mundane on first viewing: Thom Yorke wanders trough a laundromat, a hospital, a hotel corridor. But according to the analysis by Rishi Kaneria, “like an iceberg, much of [the video’s] weight lies beneath the surface.”

Some of Kaneria’s points are astute and fascinating. We learn about the significance of the number 23: it’s the duration, in years, of Thom Yorke’s relationship with his ex-partner, whom he separated from last year and seems like he may be processing in ‘Daydreaming.’ 23 is also the number of doors that Yorke walks through in the video. I’m willing to buy the assertion that doorways symbolize years in Yorke’s life. But when Kaneria starts extrapolating the number of mugs on a wall into math equations, the video swerves headlong into nonsensical over-thinking. However, even the absurdities of the analysis feel symbolic of the immense love that fans have for the band.

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