Radiohead Manager Brian Message Says New Album is Due in June

Also, it "will be like nothing like you've ever heard"

radiohead new album

Radiohead manager Brian Message was interviewed at a London brewery called The Wanstead Tap. During the interview, Message said, “the new Radiohead album out in June will be like nothing like you’ve ever heard.” So, that’s a reveal of when we can expect the album – but it’s also an interesting peak into what it might sound like. Did Thom Yorke and company reinvent the wheel again, like they did with innovative landmark Kid A? Will the new album be an all-glockenspiel instrumental record or made entirely from samples of animals yawning?

Was the band expecting to make this announcement in this manner? If not, it’s been the second unscheduled reveal/leak in roughly a week. Here’s the tweet from The Wanstead Tap:

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