Premiere: Listen to the ‘three short songs’ EP from rincs

Today we’re premiering a new EP from the Los Angeles band rincs, whose core members are Rebecca Ramirez and Bjorn Winberg. Listen to the band’s new EP, three short songs, below. Bjorn is also the composer of the awesome theme music of the Culture Creature podcast. 

Rincs provided the following statement about their new EP: “Rebecca Ramirez and Bjorn Winberg met in Los Angeles in late 2018 and realized that they enjoyed a lot of the same music and authors. So they formed a band and called it rincs. They were both Ableton users, which made it easy to send demo projects back and forth. Two E.P.s followed in early 2019, which brought the band some pleasant (although unexpected) attention. They have been recording and performing nonstop, and this month brings their third E.P., three short songs.”

Listen here:

See rincs perform live:

  • July 20th at Fais Do Do (Los Angeles)
  • August 4th at The Redwood (Los Angeles)

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