Premiere: Sarin, ‘Bloom’

Hear an exclusive new track from Sarin and read an interview with guitarist & vocalist David Wilson

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Toronto experimental metal band Sarin have returned with a new LP titled Darker Lakes, which is due July 25th digitally and on vinyl. Today, we’re excited to premiere the Darker Lakes cut ‘Bloom.’

Darker Lakes follows the band’s debut full-length, 2015’s Burial Dream. Sarin are guitar & vocalist David Wilson, drummer Aleks Hara, guitarist Matt Dakers, keyboardist Brett Cairns, and bassist Paul Barmak.

Stream ‘Bloom’ here and read an interview with Sarin’s David Wilson below:

Sarin Interview

Culture Creature: Sarin went through extensive lineup changes between 2015’s Burial Dream and this year’s Darker Lakes. How would you describe the resulting change in the band’s style or sound?

David Wilson: I think things are opening up more. Aleks (drums) and I wrote and recorded Burial Dream as a duo, so while it was functionally easier to not have to run ideas by two or three other members, it kind of limited what we were able to get out of the process.

How did the collaborative process change after Sarin expanded its lineup?

There wasn’t much collaboration prior to the new record; it was a bit insular. Being more open to it is an ongoing effort, but it’s already proving to be worthwhile.

Your press release states that “Darker Lakes also takes a lot of inspiration from nature and natural elements.” Can you elaborate on the inspiration of nature in your music?

Lyrically, most of what’s presented is a series of personal experiences told through metaphors involving basic elements. I’ve lived out in the country for the better part of my life (the other guys live in and around the city), so I’ve always identified with the space and peace those surroundings provide. I guess that comes across in the music too, though I can’t say to what extent.

Darker Lakes was partially inspired by a day-long hike that you took through the Oak Ridges Moraine. Can you describe that area and the hike through it?

I started on a trail in the King Township and lost my bearings pretty quickly. At one moment you can be in a flat, sunlit field, completely exposed, and just a few minutes later fenced in by trees and stumbling down a hill. There’s a metaphor somewhere in there, I’m sure.

If you could attend any concert in history, what would it be?

If I could will Deathspell Omega into playing live, that’d be the one.

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