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Saves The Day’s Chris Conley On His “Euphoric” Musical Journey

Saves The Day interview

Photo by Carissa Coughlin

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Saves The Day’s new album 9 is highly reflective on the band’s history and legacy. Frontman Chris Conley sat down with Culture Creature host Dan Redding to discuss the band’s classic albums (including Can’t Slow Down and Through Being Cool), its ambitious new record, and much more.  Listen Now.

Saves The Day Interview Highlights

Chris Conley on his career with Saves The Day: “The whole experience has been euphoric. Every step along the way is total ecstasy.”

Chris Conley on his early songwriting: “It’s cool having pure inspiration that hasn’t been structured as much. I had no idea about pop structure, so you get these strange songs that just go from part to part to part. They don’t really circle back around and repeat a chorus or whatever. I think there’s a Nirvana song called ‘Verse Chorus Verse.’ I think [Kurt Cobain] was getting tired of structure. But I started without structure, so I was fascinated to learn about structure. It’s kinda interesting to listen to me learn over the years. The lyrics are interesting to me now because whatever I was reaching for was something I didn’t quite understand yet. Really, I was just reaching for understanding. I like looking back and seeing that process, seeing the journey I was on of trying to understand myself and life.”

Saves The Day interview

Saves The Day photo by Alice Baxley

Chris Conley on formative experiences: “My very first experience of being aware that I was alive was hearing my heartbeat in my temple as I was falling asleep as a kid. It was music before I even knew what music was. It’s a drum beat. It’s just pulsing away, and I was hypnotized by it. Totally hypnotized by it. I had no idea what I was experiencing but I could hear it and I was captivated. As I was laying there, sort of in between dreaming and waking, I’d see these long marching lines of military men in garb from the 1800s strolling by. They were painted in liquid metal. I saw them marching along. That’s as I was coming online, waking up to life as a tiny little kid.”

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