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‘Songs About Poopy’ Is A Must-Hear Children’s Album For Kids Of All Ages

songs about poopy boots kyle

Boots n' Kyle

Songwriting duo Boots n’ Kyle have released a truly special EP of children’s songs titled Songs About Poopy and Other Things. The album is a catchy and clever delight for kids of all ages. If you’re a parent, you might also find that these songs are helpful tools for potty training, nap-taking and more.

Boots n’ Kyle are Boots Factor and Kyle Riabko. Boots is known for his work as a drummer with Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers. Kyle is an actor and musician who recently reimagined the songs of Burt Bacharach in the hit revue What’s It All About? Bacharach Reimagined. Together, Boots and Kyle made a 2008 album under the name Trevor Jackson. This year, they’re back with Songs About Poopy and Other Things.

Songs About Poopy and Other Things is available for purchase in iTunes. Stream the album here and read an interview with Boots Factor below:

Culture Creature: Who are Boots n’ Kyle? Can you give us an overview of the collaboration?

Boots Factor: Boots n’ Kyle are two amazing and severely talented musicians who’ve had a working relationship and friendship for about ten years. We met while on the road touring the country around 2005. Later, we put out an album under the artist name Trevor Jackson, which is more of a roots rock album. Unfortunately we had competition with someone who had the same name, so for Songs About Poopy and Other Things we decided to use the name Boots n’ Kyle.

What inspired you to make a children’s album?

We always jokingly said that our Trevor Jackson album was children’s music for adults. So, it had always been this unconscious thing, that at some point we were going to make children’s music together. And when I had my first daughter, ideas were flowing out of me like meconium in a newborn. I think your readers are going have to look that one up.

How is songwriting different when you’re writing for children?

I think you just have to revert to how a child is going to enjoy the music as opposed to an adult. You don’t have to be so fancy or get too deep into your soul. But the same pitfalls still apply. Don’t get caught in a rhyme, you have to worry about the structure. One thing we really wanted to focus on was making the sonic elements of the EP be really enjoyable to the parents. We would think “this is our Wilco sounding song” or “Let’s use the keyboard from Led Zeppelin’s ‘Rain Song.'” Just so subconsciously and on the surface parents wouldn’t lose their minds playing this music for their children.

songs about poopy childrens album

What does your daughter Edie think of ‘I Made a Poopy’?

She loves it. I think any time you say the words poopy, toot, farts or burp to her you’re going to get an automatic laugh. But when we were potty training her, this song was very helpful.

Have you gotten any other feedback from kids and parents?

I have. It’s all been positive. I haven’t gotten any reports of 3 year olds listening to the song and deciding they are going to worship Satan, so that’s good. Kyle and I do have a lawyer on retainer just in case.

What is your favorite lullaby or childrens’ song (other than your own)?

The Beatles have a song called ‘All Together Now’ which is on Yellow Submarine that I really, really like. That whole album could be considered a children’s music album. But that song in particular hits me as great.

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