Steve-O Received Skin Grafts After A Rocket Fuel Stunt Left Him Severely Burned

steve-o burns

Photo via Steve-O Facebook

Steve-O has received skin grafts from “exactly seven different cadavers (dead people)” for treatment of severe burns received while filming stunts involving rocket fuel. On Friday, TMZ reported that the Jackass star received severe burns while filming footage including a stunt called ‘fire angels’ (apparently a fire version of a snow angel). That report includes gnarly video of Steve-O’s enormous burn boils.

Steve-O is currently working on a new comedy special with Jackass director Jeff Tremaine, according to TMZ. Steve-O said of the project: “There’s no plans for another Jackass movie. And I just have one in me, man. I started this project and it’s really kind of marrying my different worlds all together in one thing, and I’m swinging for the fence, man. I’m going crazier than ever before.”

Today, Steve-O updated fans on Facebook, stating that the burns were much more serious than he’d expected. Turns out he had second and third degree burns on over 15% of his skin. The beloved stuntman seems to be doing well after his latest stunt; see Steve-O’s latest post in full here:

I just left the hospital in Denver where Dr. Fidler carved 2nd and 3rd degree burns out of 15% of my skin, cutting so…

Posted by Steve-O on Sunday, July 9, 2017

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