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Tancred’s Jess Abbott on Songwriting, ‘Eye-Opening’ Ghost Encounter, and More

Jess Abbott says a ghost encounter in a Utah graveyard "opened up her mind to spirituality"

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Photo by Shervin Lainez

Tancred’s Out of the Garden is a big rock record that’s loaded with catchy hooks and grungy riffs. Today on the Culture Creature podcast, Tancred leader Jess Abbott discusses everything from Donald Trump and social media to Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill (“I appreciated Jagged Little Pill for its pop as a kid, and I appreciate it for its poetry now. I love that album”). Listen to the complete interview above or in iTunes.

Tancred Interview Highlights

Jess Abbott on her ‘eye-opening’ ghost encounter: “It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my life … It opened up my mind to spirituality.”

Jess Abbott on her new Tancred record, now in progress: “I wanna keep up what I’ve got going here. I don’t like to be stagnant – I hate sitting at home, so I wanna keep going. I’ve gotta just make sure I’m really putting myself into this and being sincere. I guess this is just what all artists go through – they feel that pressure of, ‘What do I want people to see that’s going to make me proud, and also them proud?’ I’m having a good time with it.”

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