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Comedy Duo The Mighty Boosh are Working Together Again

Whatever they're up to, let's hope they bring back The Crack Fox.

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Brilliant comedy oddballs Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt are at it again. Fielding and Barratt form the nucleus of The Mighty Boosh, the psychedelic dadaist comedy team best known for its three-series run on BBC (which concluded in 2007). On a recent episode of the Nerdist podcast, Noel Fielding revealed that he and Barratt are working together again:

“Me and Julian have just started – we sort of had a big break – we never weren’t friends, we always carried on being friends, we live just down the road from each other, so it’s quite funny, because we live in the same street, so we see each other all the time… and we’ve just recently started thinking, ‘We should write something again,’ you know? So hopefully this year we’re going to have a crack at something. No idea what… we’re just going to see what happens. We might write a modern dance piece.”

So will their new project will even be a Mighty Boosh project? A Mighty Boosh modern dance piece wouldn’t be that strange for the notoriously absurdist Boosh – but the nature of the project remains to be seen.

The Mighty Boosh’s last performances included a spot at Jack Black’s Festival Supreme in 2013. The performance included many of the hallmarks that the Boosh excel at: a musical opener, a stripped-down comedy routine with the duo of Fielding and Barratt, and beloved characters like Old Gregg.

I’ll be eagerly awaiting more news from Fielding and Barratt, no matter what they’re working on. Here’s a scene featuring my all-time favorite Mighty Boosh character, the demented trash-heap denizen The Crack Fox:

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