The Nearly Deads Discuss Zombies, New EP, and More

Frontwoman Theresa Jeane says the 'Revenge of The Nearly Deads' EP is a return to the band's "original heavier sound"

the nearly deads

Fans of The Nearly Deads call themselves ‘zombies’ in honor of the band’s horror-themed 2011 hit video for ‘Never Look Back,’ which has garnered over 7 million views to date. Next month, the zombies will have a new reason to celebrate: The Nearly Deads’ new EP, Revenge of The Nearly Deads, is due May 26th. The Nearly Deads frontwoman Theresa Jeane told us about the band’s hometown of Nashville, the new EP, and more. Watch the band’s video for ‘My Evil Ways’ (from Revenge of the Nearly Deads) and read the email interview with Jeane below:

Culture Creature: What was the band’s goal or vision for the Revenge of The Nearly Deads EP?

Theresa Jeane: We definitely wanted to listen to the fans and get back to our original heavier sound. Also, after so many years on tour we really focused on making songs that would be both fun for us to play live and fun for the audience to get into!

How do The Nearly Deads fit into the Nashville music scene?

People don’t normally think of rock when they think of Nashville, but there’s a growing rock scene beneath the surface. If it wasn’t for other bands taking us under their wing we would have never even gotten our first show or found our producer. With so much competition out there in Nashville, the rock bands really stick together and help each other out. Running into Lzzy Hale at a bar with friends is how we ended up opening up a local show for Halestorm. We’re right in the middle of everything so it’s awesome to make those kind of random connections.

What impact did the success of the ‘Never Look Back’ video have for the band?

That video is the gift that keeps on giving! It was one of the first things we did together, and there’s no way we even thought we’d get 10,000 views much less 7 million and growing! It’s very humbling as a new band, but also very challenging as we grow- how can we top this? What else do we have to offer? With the Revenge EP I think we’ve finally captured that fire again. Most people find out about us because of the zombie video, and we are incredibly thankful for that. It’s enabled us to remain independent and grow our own organic fan base which has allowed us to successfully crowd-fund our previous albums as well as Revenge. It’s also why our fans started calling themselves zombies!

What is your favorite zombie movie and why?

I love quirky zombie movies, and since I grew up in Wichita, Kansas, I love the name of Emma Stone’s character in Zombieland! I also like Warm Bodies because of the cute story line and because it isn’t a typical zombie movie.

If you had to fight a horde of zombies and had to choose one weapon, what weapon would you choose?

Tough question! There are so many variables! Am I alone? Am I armed or do I have to find something or make something? I suppose I’d have to go with an axe or blade so I wouldn’t waste ammo or run out, especially if it just was me against an entire horde! There’s no unlimited ammo cheat code in real life!

If you could go back in time and join any band, which would you join and why?

I would totally join The Distillers. Brody Dalle is a massive inspiration to me, and being in a punk band is my secret dream!

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