The Shins Tease Fans with Faux Horror Movie Trailer, ‘I Gleek On Your Grave’

The beloved indie rock band has released a teaser video in the style of Eli Roth's mock 'Thanksgiving' trailer

the shins new album

The Shins are back with a short teaser video for something called I Gleek On Your Grave. The video could be a teaser for a new music video that the band teased in July, which might be the video for a new song the band played live this year, which could be titled ‘Dead Alive’ (a title which also appears in the I Gleek On Your Grave teaser). Whatever it is, this teaser is morbid and strange and awesome.

The I Gleek On Your Grave trailer finds The Shins indulging in a death fixation (the gravestone at the end of the video bears the name of Shins leader James Mercer), horror movie allusions (including nods to 1978 exploitation film I Spit On Your Grave, Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive, and most directly, Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving trailer), and overall morbid weirdness. “In a dead-end town,” the teaser begins, “a car salesman is in grave danger.” Watch it here:

Mercer has said that the band’s new album is due early next year. It will be The Shins’ fifth studio album.

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