The Traditional Discuss ‘The Queen of Heaven’ EP

The Traditional frontman Anthony Musior says the band's new EP was fueled by "sadness, anger, and frustration"

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Buffalo rock & emo band The Traditional recently released their reflective, energetic new EP, The Queen of Heaven, via Anchor Eighty Four Records (listen below). The band consists of Anthony Musior (bass, vocals), Jon Coric (drums, backing vocals) and Mike Bienias (guitar). Queen of Heaven was produced, engineered and mixed by Jay Zubricky (Pentimento, Every Time I Die, Head North) and mastered by Jesse Cannon (Acceptance, Basement, Saves The Day, Somos). The Traditional frontman Anthony Musior discussed the new EP in an email interview; read below.

Culture Creature: How did The Traditional grow or evolve on The Queen of Heaven?

Anthony Musior: This record is much more mature than the rest of our releases. It really dives into my brain and my emotions. I think the music also really shows how far we’ve come since our first release.

What would you say are the dominant themes of the album?

Sadness, anger, and frustration have to be what shines through the most. I was going through some really tough shit while we were writing these songs and I think it’s pretty evident.

Can you describe the band’s writing process?

Usually it starts with a small part that Mike or I have and then we just expand on those parts together as a band trying to make them into entire songs. It’s always hit or miss. Sometimes well go back to those little riffs years later and be like ‘that was fucking cool let’s try that again.’ Trial and error I guess. Then I’ll finish up the lyrics and we have a song!

Buffalo is known for its rich music scene. What bands most inspired you to start your own band or helped shape the music community there?

We’ve all been playing in bands for so long. The scene has always been so strong even when I was way younger. I wouldn’t say any bands really helped us ‘become’ a band but Pentimento always really put us under their wing and put us on all of their hometown shows and helped us anyway they possibly could. I’ll always be super grateful for that.

What is one thing from Buffalo (food, slang term, etc) that the whole world should adopt?

Everyone needs to have Loganberry in their lives. It’s a game-changer. Best soft drink on the market. Wings are a classic, obviously. Beef on weck has always been popular here too. It’s just a roast beef sandwich on a kimmelweck roll but it’s definitely a Buffalo food.

What album have you listened to more than any other?

All-time I’d have to say Your Favorite Weapon by Brand New. It’s a record that has just stuck with me forever. I’ve always been a fan of the angsty and pissed-off lyrics on it and I think that shines through in my own lyrics. Just a killer record all around.

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