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Tigers Jaw Discuss their “Rebirth” on New LP

Listen to an interview with Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins of Tigers Jaw on the Culture Creature podcast

tigers jaw interview

Photo by Jimmy Fontaine

Today on the Culture Creature podcast: an interview with Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins of Scranton, PA indie rock band Tigers Jaw. Listen via the player above or in iTunes or Stitcher.

Tigers Jaw will release their fifth full-length album, spin, on May 19th (preorder here). The album marks the first Tigers Jaw release that was written and recorded entirely by Ben and Brianna. Spin will also be the inaugural release on producer Will Yip’s new Atlantic Records imprint, Black Cement. In their Culture Creature interview, Ben and Brianna spoke with Dan Redding about Scranton, the rebirth of Tigers Jaw, side hustles, and much more.

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