The Best Part of ‘The Revenant’ is Tom Hardy’s Weird Philly Accent

Especially when he tells Leo he wants to "go deown th' Wawa 'n get a haoagie"

tom hardy philadelphia accent

The Revenant has something for the whole family, whether you’re a fan of double-scalping, sleeping in carcasses, or self-cauterization. But the best thing in the movie is Tom Hardy’s weird Philly accent. Some Baltimoreans thought it sounded like their accent, but Hardy’s warped ‘o’ sound and clipped pronouns are straight Philadelphia. While you watch the movie, you half-expect him to suggest that he and Leo “go deown th’ Wawa ‘n get a haoagie.”

Hardy says his accent is an homage to Tom Berenger’s character in Platoon (see below). Aside from that, “I didn’t do any research,” he told Indie Wire. Sounds like the accent was just a hodgepodge – but they must’ve been serving Tastykake at craft services on the set of The Revenant because Hardy was definitely channeling Philly. What do youse think?

For a hilarious musical ode to the Northeastern Pennsylvania accent, listen to this incredible song from Kroll Show:

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