Sad Trump Junk is the Best Trump Junk

Can we satirize this man out of office?

trump inaugural plate


If someone asked me to describe the quality level of Trump’s presidency, I would say it’s somewhere between ‘made in Taiwan’ and ‘literally garbage.’ Speaking of Taiwan, lots of official Trump merchandise is made overseas despite his constant bloviating about the virtues of domestic manufacturing.

Superbad director Greg Mottola tweeted the image below, featuring a chintzy decorative plate emblazoned with an instant-classic photo of Donald and Melania looking miserable on inauguration day. The plate is intended to commemorate the ‘National Patriotic Day of Devotion,’ which is a phrase we’ll all look back and laugh at someday, right? RIGHT!?!?!

Anyway, this plate is brilliant and I bet Trump would hate sad Trump junk like this so we should make more of it. I’m not sure who made the plate/image but I’ll update this post if and when I find out.

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