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Discover One of Rock’s Most Original Voices on the New LP from Warehouse (Listen)

Stream the 'super low' LP by Atlanta indie punks Warehouse

warehouse super low

Warehouse are an Atlanta rock band that may startle your ears on first listen. The band laces homespun indie rock with the vocals of Elaine Edenfield, who oscillates between a half-spoken vibrato and a guttural growl reminiscent of Darby Crash’s. Edenfield’s voice – at once gruff and tender – brings a world of dynamism to the band’s blend of post-punk and new wave influences.

Warehouse will release their second LP, super low, this Friday (stream the album below, or buy it on LP/CD or via iTunes). The band’s record label, Bayonet Records, offers the following description: “Largely written in a notorious punk house that was torn down to build a parking garage, the album was finished in a new environment: across from a food mart called ‘super low.’ The title connotes stark change, but it also hints at the additional psychological undertones of the album’s meaning, to move down into more darkly subconscious and deeply endogenous areas of yourself in order to work through them and out.”

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