Premiere: WINGTIPS conjure a post-apocalyptic ’80s dance party in ‘Last Minute’ video

If 'Terminator' were directed by John Hughes, it might look something like this new video from WINGTIPS

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Chicago duo WINGTIPS bring heady post-punk style to its indie synthpop. Today, the duo (which consists of Vinny Segretario and Hannah Avalon) are premiering a new video for ‘Last Minute,’ from their 2016 EP, Greyarea. According to Segretario, the video was an attempt to “create the post-apocalyptic John Hughes coming-of-age film that never was.” The ‘Last Minute’ video was directed by Greg Stephen Reigh.

Segretario says, “Our director Greg wanted to channel the imagery evoked by our sound into an homage to 80’s sci-fi/horror trash, and came up with the specific idea after watching some Roger Corman Terminator rip-offs.  We thought it would be interesting to pair that aesthetic with something decidedly more grounded.”

“It was a very relaxed, fun atmosphere with a cast consisting of pretty much all friends,” Segretario said of the video shoot. “Our production designer, Molly Hewitt, created a very engaging, colorful set that really brought out the inner teenager in everyone on set. Also, pretty much all the costumes were stuff that Hannah and I pulled from our own closets, haha!”

Watch WINGTIPS’ video for ‘Last Minute’ here:

WINGTIPS ‘Last Minute’ video credits:

Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Greg Stephen Reigh
Assistant Director: Patricia Ramos
Production Designer/Art Director: Molly Hewitt
Lighting/Cyborg: Taylor Russ
Art PA: Charly Warden

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