Young Thug’s Meta Music Video Turns a Creative Disaster into Gold

"This video cost over $100,000 and the artist never showed up."

young thug wyclef jean video

We recently told you that Superbody’s ‘Patricia’ was the first great music video of 2017. Well move over Superbody, because Young Thug’s ‘Wyclef Jean’ video is here.

Thugger’s ‘Wycelf Jean’ video, directed by Ryan Staake, is a meta twist on the music video medium. Instead of the standard music video format, this video documents the director’s story of how Young Thug failed to turn up for his own music video, and how Staake improvised without his star on set. The video tells this absurd behind-the-scenes story (Staake summarizes with on-screen text at the end: “This video cost over $100,000 and the artist never showed up.”).

Since the video was released on Tuesday, it has racked up over 4 million views, and Staake has responded to claims that the failed video shoot was a premeditated hoax (it’s not, he insists, and the experience was a “nightmare”). Watch ‘Wyclef Jean’ here:

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